Ideal Partners

We solve rather than sell.

  • It’s our goal to “partner” with our wealth management clients. We don’t feel a dictatorship is a good way to have a successful long-term financial planning relationship.
  • We will use our knowledge, tools, experience, morals, and values to help build the right type of financial plan for you and your family.
  • We take our fiduciary obligation (a legal requirement mandating we act in your best interest) very seriously, knowing our firm is over 80 years old and will exist far into the future.

We provide clarity rather than confusion.

  • Our goal is to build a plan that you understand and are comfortable with.
  • Client relationships thrive when there is mutual respect and understanding between you and Wheeler Associates.
  • Educating our clients is paramount to achieve a successful plan.

We have specific requirements to be a Wheeler Associates client.

  • Our time is valuable, and we focus on bringing on the right clients.
  • We do not have a client minimum as we believe all people need some form of financial expertise.
  • A savings habit and living within your means is a primary requirement.
  • Clients must be responsive and meet our requests in a timely manner (signatures, meetings, phone calls, etc.).
  • Clients must treat all associates with respect at all times.
  • We have to get along. We plan on working together for 30+ years, so we better enjoy each other's company or at least respect one another!