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 Emma Grover

Emma Grover

Individual Insurance Director

Emma was a five-sport athlete growing up, but truly excelled in the game of basketball. Her love and passion for the game led her to play for a brief time during her college years in two different programs. Emma also played junior college volleyball. Emma still spends time today playing women’s basketball leagues and pick-up games. Emma is currently wrapping up her second season as the Wrenshall High School girl’s varsity basketball head coach. Emma has been coaching for a total of six years. She has coached kiddos from the junior high level all the way up to varsity. Her enthusiasm and love of the game have not changed since her years on the court.

Outside of Wheeler Associates, Emma really values the time she can spend with her family, friends, and her dog Chester. Emma enjoys traveling the world, typically to a white sandy beach with warm weather somewhere but would not pass up a trip to the mountains, as she is a former Denver, Colorado, resident. Emma is a member of the Fuse Duluth Leadership Council, a part of their social media committee, and enjoys networking with other young professionals in Duluth and the surrounding areas. Emma has a true passion for reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and is passionate about making a change in this area of our community. Emma also enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, riding jet-skis at her family’s summer home on a small lake in Barnum, Minnesota, and going on walks with Chester.

Emma is here to talk through your individual insurance needs and is happy to help in any way that she can. Emma is nearing her eighth year at Wheeler Associates. She has supported many areas within the organization and is sure to connect you with the right person, should your need not be within her specialty.